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Logistic Support Services Co., Ltd., is a leading service provider to the International Forwarder/Freight/Logistics industries.

We cooperate with more than 60 International Forwarder/Freight/Logistics Networks and their members where it concerns debt recovery, we also provide directory listings and e-marketing campaigns for the Forwarder/Freight/Logistics industries.

For detailed information please visit our division web sites :

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS) - Please click here to visit the FDRS web site

  • We collect debts from those in the freight forwarding community. Let FDRS see if we can be of assistance to you

  • FDRS publishes a monthly Newsletter to more than 100,000 members of the forwarder/freight/logistics community highlighting those who default on their debts

Forwarder Mail Direct - Please click here to visit the Forwarder Mail Direct web site

  • Forwarder Mail Direct provides bespoke marketing campaign services for the forwarder/freight/logistics community

  • We can help you with sending a promotional business introduction to more than 100,000+ contacts.

If you have any queries, please contact Peter at peter@lsscompanies.com


Logistic Support Services (LSS) Worldwide Compliance Program

Our internal compliance program is set by domestic and industry demand. Compliance standards vary from country to country and require a stated and proven compliance regime. In order to facilitate these demands LSS has introduced its Worldwide Compliance Program (LSSWCP)

Our worldwide partners must strive to meet local and international standards and these are constantly measured in effectiveness by LSS. The below standards provide check and balance where it concerns vulnerability and risk , that all involved will use and adhere to.

Compliance standards

  • Anti Money Laundering Policy

  • Information Security Policy

  • Business Continuity Plan

  • Record Management Policy

  • Complaints handling Process

  • Secure Data Transfer Policy

  • Treating Customers Fairly

Please contact peter@lsscompanies.com for a copy of our Compliance document.


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